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Working After Retirement For Dummies (0470139188) cover image

Working After Retirement For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-13918-9
360 pages
April 2007
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Ready to Retire . . . Not! 7

Chapter 1: The World of Work After Retirement 9

Chapter 2: Why You May Need or Want to Go Back to Work 19

Chapter 3: Assessing Your Talents for Your Next Job 31

Chapter 4: Seeking Help to Determine What You’d Like to Do Next 41

Part II: Your Wallet to Your Health: The 411 When You Re-Enter the Workforce 55

Chapter 5: Getting a Grasp on Managing What You Saved for Retirement 57

Chapter 6: Managing Your Money So It Doesn’t Run Out 77

Chapter 7: Collecting Social Security and Going Back to Work 93

Chapter 8: Delaying Social Security and Working 109

Chapter 9: Trying to Stay Healthy — Before Age 65 125

Chapter 10: Exploring Medicare’s Maze of Benefits 139

Part III: Finding Your Next Job 163

Chapter 11: Rebuilding Your Job Search Skills 165

Chapter 12: Surviving the Interview — Especially Those Tough Questions 179

Chapter 13: Overcoming Myths About Older Workers During Your Job Search 193

Chapter 14: Working 9 to 5 or Not! Exploring Your Hourly Options 201

Part IV: Revisiting Your Former Career or Starting Your Own Business 217

Chapter 15: Staying on the Job Part-Time 219

Chapter 16: Consulting for Your Former Company 233

Chapter 17: Consulting in Your Former Industry 245

Chapter 18: Buying or Starting Your Own Business or Franchise 261

Part V: Knowledge to Philanthropy: Opportunities to Broaden the Mind and More 287

Chapter 19: Going Back to College: Expanding Your Knowledge and Skills 289

Chapter 20: Volunteering in the Business and Community World 303

Part VI: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 21: Top Ten Companies to Work for in Retirement 325

Chapter 22: Top Ten Skills for Running Your Own Business 331

Chapter 23: Ten (Almost) Great Volunteering Experiences to Take Advantage Of 337

Index 341

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