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WordPerfect 11 For Dummies (0764543520) cover image

WordPerfect 11 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4352-4
360 pages
October 2003
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Part I: Introducing WordPerfect 11 for Windows.

Chapter 1:WordPerfect Basics.

Chapter 2: Using Toolbars, Dialog Boxes, and Commands.

Chapter 3: Cruising the Document.

Chapter 4: Fooling with Blocks of Text.

Chapter 5: Making Text Improvements.

Part II: Prettying Up Your Text.

Chapter 6: Giving Your Documents Character.

Chapter 7: Sensational Sentences and Pretty Paragraphs.

Chapter 8: Perfect Pages and Dashing Documents.

Chapter 9: The WordPerfect Secret Decoder Ring.

Chapter 10: Documents with Style.

Part III: Things You Can Do with Documents.

Chapter 11: On Paper at Last — Printing Stuff.

Chapter 12: Juggling Documents.

Chapter 13: Boxing without the Gloves.

Part IV: Creating Documents that Don’t Just Sit There.

Chapter 14: Saying It with Pictures.

Chapter 15: Creating Your Own Junk Mail.

Chapter 16: Recipes and Templates for Popular Documents.

Chapter 17: Publishing Web Pages and the Flying Trapeze.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Ways to Get WordPerfect to Do It Your Way.

Chapter 19: Ten Really Good Suggestions.


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