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Word 97 for Windows for Dummies (076450052X) cover image

Word 97 for Windows for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0052-7
432 pages
January 1997
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PART I: Your Basic Word.

Chapter 1: The Word Hokey Pokey.

Chapter 2: The Keyboard Is Your Friend.

Chapter 3: Getting Around Your Document.

Chapter 4: Deleting Text (Or The Art of Un-writing).

Chapter 5: Finding and Replacing.

Chapter 6: Text Blocks, Engine Blocks, Writers' Blocks.

Chapter 7: Spelling and Grammer Made Easily.

Chapter 8: Saving Your Stuff.

Chapter 9: The Printer, the Paper, the Document Maker.

PART II: Formatting (Or Making Your Prose Look Less Ugly).

Chapter 10: Formatting Characters.

Chapter 11: Formatting Sentences and Paragraphs.

Chapter 12: Setting Tabs and Margins.

Chapter 13: Formatting Pages and Documents.

Chapter 14: Tables and Columns.

Chapter 15: Formatting with Style.

Chapter 16: Templates and Wizards.

Chapter 17: Some Automatic Formatting Tricks.

PART III: Working with Documents.

Chapter 18: More Than a File -- a Document.

Chapter 19: Importing and Exporting Documents.

Chapter 20: Managing Files.

Chapter 21: Mail Merge (Or Form Letters to Fool Everyone).

PART IV: Working with Graphics.

Chapter 22: Putting Purty Pictures into Your Documents.

Chapter 23: Cute Li'l Programs for Doing Cute Li'l Things.

Chapter 24: Your Basic Desktop Publishing Stuff.

PART V: Strange Things Living Under the Hood.

Chapter 25: Your Annoying Little Assistant.

Chapter 26: Extra Special Typing Tricks.

Chapter 27: Let's Work This Out Together.

Chapter 28: Organizing Your Thots.

Chapter 29: Word for the World Wide Web.

PART VI: Help Me, Mr. Wizard!

Chapter 30: Face to Face with the Interface.

Chapter 31: Learning to Love Your Printer.

Chapter 32: Help Me! I'm Stuck!

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 33: The Ten Commandments of Word.

Chapter 34: Ten Cool Tricks.

Chapter 35: Ten Weird Things You Probably Don't Know About.

Chapter 36: Ten Features You Don't Use but Paid For Anyway.

Chapter 37: Ten Shortcut Keys Worth Remembering.

Chapter 38: Ten Things Worth Remembering.


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