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Wine All-in-One For Dummies (0470555424) cover image

Wine All-in-One For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-55542-2
696 pages
August 2009
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Book I: Understanding Wine.

Chapter 1: From Vine to Bottle: The Hows and Wines.

Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with Wine Tastes and Names.

Chapter 3: Buying Wine.

Chapter 4: Getting the Cork Out (And All That Comes After): Serving Wine.

Chapter 5: For Slurps and Gurgles: Tasting and Describing Wine.

Chapter 6: Pairing Food and Wine.

Chapter 7: Ordering Wine When You’re Dining Out.

Chapter 8: The Urge to Own: Collecting Wine.

Book II: France: A Wine Superstar.

Chapter 1: French Wine Today.

Chapter 2: Exploring Bordeaux’s Range.

Chapter 3: Burgundy, Queen of France.

Chapter 4: Beaujolais, the Fun Red.

Chapter 5: Robust Rhône Reds and Unique Whites.

Chapter 6: Champagne: The World’s Greatest Sparkling Wine.

Chapter 7: Other Wine Regions of France.

Book III: Italy: Small but Mighty.

Chapter 1: The Big Picture of Italian Wine.

Chapter 2: Perusing Piedmont’s Wines.

Chapter 3: Finding Sparkling Wines and More in North-Central Italy.

Chapter 4: Northeastern Italy: Where Whites Rule.

Chapter 5: Tuscany: Checking Out Chianti and Other Tuscan Reds.

Chapter 6: Getting Acquainted with Central Italy’s Wines.

Chapter 7: Southern Italy: “The Land of Wine”.

Chapter 8: Sicily and Sardinia: Focusing on Quality.

Book IV: California and Elsewhere in North America.

Chapter 1: Introducing California Wines.

Chapter 2: California’s Major Wine Regions: An Overview.

Chapter 3: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Wines.

Chapter 4: California’s Standout Red Wines.

Chapter 5: Major Wine Regions in the Rest of North America.

Book V: Australia and New Zealand: Powerhouses of the Southern Hemisphere.

Chapter 1: Australian and New Zealand Wines: A Success Story.

Chapter 2: New South Wales: Home to Established Wineries and Upstarts.

Chapter 3: Taking In the Diverse Range of Wines from Victoria and Tasmania.

Chapter 4: The Wine Regions of South and South West Australia.

Chapter 5: New Zealand’s Islands and Their Wines.

Book VI: And More Wine Regions!

Chapter 1: Intriguing Wines from Old Spain.

Chapter 2: Portugal: Port Wine and Beyond.

Chapter 3: Finding Little-Known Treasures in Greece.

Chapter 4: A Sampling of Wines from Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Chapter 5: From South America to South Africa: Rounding Out the Top Wine Nations.


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