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Windows Vista Timesaving Techniques For Dummies (0470053682) cover image

Windows Vista Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-05368-3
560 pages
April 2007
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Part I: Making Windows Work Faster.

Technique 1: Experiencing the Windows Experience Index.

Technique 2: Tracking Performance and Reliability.

Technique 3: Keeping Programs from Starting Automatically.

Technique 4: Getting Your Drives Up to Speed.

Technique 5: Making the Screen Run Faster.

Technique 6: Scheduling a Nightly Reboot.

Part II: Convincing Windows to Work Your Way.

Technique 7: Streamlining the Start Menu.

Technique 8: Building a Power Desktop.

Technique 9: Tricking Out the Taskbar.

Technique 10: Using Built-In KeyboardShortcuts.

Technique 11: Making Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts.

Part III: Packing Programs and Files.

Technique 12: Launching Your Most-Used Programs Quickly.

Technique 13: Making Programs Run Your Way.

Technique 14: Removing and Reinstalling Programs.

Technique 15: Exploring Effectively.

Technique 16: Finding the Files You Want Fast.

Technique 17: Listing Files Quickly.

Part IV: Making the Most of the Internet.

Technique 18: Customizing Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Technique 19: Saving Time with Google.

Technique 20: Downloading from the Newsgroups.

Technique 21: Instant Messaging with Microsoft and Trillian.

Technique 22: Using Windows Live Mail Desktop — Or Not.

Technique 23: Zapping Junk Mail.

Technique 24: Surfing Anonymously.

Part V: Cranking Up Your Audio.

Technique 25: Fighting for Your Musical Rights.

Technique 26: Using Windows Media Player.

Technique 27: No-Nonsense Music Gathering.

Technique 28: Creating Your Own Music CDs and DVDs.

Technique 29: Picking Up Podcasts.

Technique 30: Transferring Music to iPods and MP3 Players.

Technique 31: Getting Music Off Your iPod.

Part IX: Keeping Your PC Alive.

Technique 49: Running Disk Chores While You Sleep.

Technique 50: Running Periodic Maintenance.

Technique 51: Requesting Remote Assistance.

Technique 52: Getting Help Fast.

Part X: Fast (Nearly Painless) Disaster Recovery.

Technique 53: Making Backups — Fast.

Technique 54: Restoring Your System after Calamitous Change.

Technique 55: Recovering a Lost Password.

Part XI: The Scary (Or Fun!) Stuff.

Technique 56: Changing the Registry without Getting Burned.

Technique 57: Making Screen Shots with the Snipping Tool.

Technique 58: Fast, Easy, and Safe Online Shopping.

Technique 59: Create Your Own Desktop Theme.

Technique 60: Saving Time (And Your Eyes) On-Screen.

Technique 61: Top Ten Tiny Timesaving Tweaks.

Technique 62: Top Ten Tiny Timesaving Tips.


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