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Windows Vista Security For Dummies (0470118059) cover image

Windows Vista Security For Dummies

Brian Koerner, Mike Borkin (Contributions by), Joe Howard (Contributions by)
ISBN: 978-0-470-11805-4
364 pages
November 2007
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Windows Vista is beefed up with plenty of new security features to help you deflect spyware, malware, and identity thieves. But unless you know how to use these powerful tools, all you’ll get is frustration. So arm yourself with Vista Security For Dummies and discover your right to Rights Management, what Windows Security Center provides, and how to toughen up your defenses.

This indispensable guide shows you how to slam your Windows shut on vulnerabilities and security threats. You’ll find out how to use the fortress built into Vista to assess your risk, protect your kids, keep pfishers out of your bank account, and much more. You’ll also learn how to get the most out of Vista’s security features using authentication, Windows Defender, parent controls, security enhancements, firewall buttresses, wireless protections, encryption, and much more. Discover how to:

  • Save money by using built-in security tools
  • Audit your network
  • Fine-tune your firewall
  • Use all of the enhancements in Explorer 7
  • Control what your kids play and where they go online
  • Develop a comprehensive security plan
  • Dispense security from Windows Security Center
  • Reduce exposure by controlling user tasks
  • Secure your digital information with RMS
  • Manage accounts, groups, and shares
  • Plan and implement Encrypting File System
  • Avoid data theft with BitLocker
  • Establish advanced security practices

Don’t leave your computer and network security to chance. Get Vista Security For Dummies and be ready for anything!

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