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Windows PowerShell 2 For Dummies (0470371986) cover image

Windows PowerShell 2 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-37198-5
412 pages
August 2009
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Part I: Get ting a Bird’s-Eye View of PowerShell 2.

Chapter 1: The Windows PowerShell Rap Sheet.

Chapter 2: Customizing and Shortcutting the Environment.

Chapter 3: A Pinch of Shell, a Pound of Power.

Part II: PowerShell’s Basic Structure and Syntax.

Chapter 4: Shelling Out Commands and Scripts.

Chapter 5: When Dollars Turn into Variables.

Chapter 6: A Bit of Logic to Save the Day.

Chapter 7: Working on a Pipeline.

Part III: Complex Data Description and Sharing.

Chapter 8: Working with Windows Management Instrumentation.

Chapter 9: Bringing Strings into the Limelight.

Chapter 10: I’ll Take Numbers for $100, Please.

Chapter 11: Grouping Data Using Arrays and Hash Tables.

Chapter 12: Readin’ and Writin’ Files.

Chapter 13: Going On a Date with PowerShell.

Part IV: Controlling Where and How You Operate PowerShell.

Chapter 14: Using Functions to Divide and Conquer.

Chapter 15: PowerShell Ninjas: Running Jobs Remotely or in the Background.

Chapter 16: Making Your Script Speak Different Languages.

Chapter 17: Smashing Those Bugs.

Part V: Real-World Windows Administration Using PowerShell.

Chapter 18: Mission Control: All Systems Go.

Chapter 19: Taming the Windows Registry.

Chapter 20: Reaching Out to Active Directory.

Chapter 21: PowerShell Lockdown.

Chapter 22: Converting Your Old Scripts: Out with the Old, In with the New.

Part VI: Configuring and Reporting Via PowerShell.

Chapter 23: Controlling Your Network Confi guration.

Chapter 24: Managing Your Hardware.

Chapter 25: Making Reporting Easy.

Part VII: The Par t of Tens.

Chapter 26: The Ten Most Important Cmdlets.

Chapter 27: Ten Common PowerShell Mistakes.

Bonus Chapter 1: Handling Exceptions.


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