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Windows Game Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0764516787) cover image

Windows Game Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-1678-8
450 pages
October 2002
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Foreword xxiii

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Familiar with Windows Programming 7

Chapter 1 Setting Up for Windows 95/98/NT Game Programming 9

Chapter 2 Exploring the Basics of Video Game Design 15

Chapter 3 The Nuts and Bolts of Windows 95/98/NT Programming 39

Chapter 4 How to Handle Big Events 67

Chapter 5 Putting windows GDI to Work: Drawing Text and Graphics 83

Chapter 6 Wrapping Up Windows Programming 113

Part II Jacking In with DirectX 133

Chapter 7 The Architecture of DirectX and the Dreaded COM 135

Chapter 8 Getting to Know DirectDraw 151

Chapter 9 Using the DirectDraw Crayons 161

Chapter 10 Digging into DirectDraw: Animation and Bitmaps 187

Chapter 11 Digging Deeper into DirectDraw: Advanced Features 217

Chapter 12 The GPDUMB Game Engine, Part I 249

Part III The Rest of the Puzzle: Sound, Input, and Setup 291

Chapter 13 Making Noise with DirectSound 293

Chapter 14 The Ins and Outs of DirectInput 323

Chapter 15 Press OK to Install: Using DirectSetup and Autoplay 353

Chapter 16 GPDUMB Part II – The Final Conflict 363

Part IV The Glue of Games 389

Chapter 17 What Goes Up Must come Down: Physics Modeling 391

Chapter 18 Putting the Game Engine to Work with Underworld 413

Chapter 19 Marketing Your Madness 419

Part V The Part of Tens 423

Chapter 20 Ten Basic Rules of Game Design 425

Chapter 21 Ten Biggest Mistakes Game Programmers Make 431

Chapter 22 Ten Best Game Programming Resources on the Web 435

Part VI Bonus Chapters ….on the CD-ROM

Chapter 23 The Lowdown on Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 24 Game Programming Potpourri

Appendix: About the CD 439

Index 445

Hungry Minds End-User License Agreement 467

Installation Instructions 469

Book Registration Information … back of Book

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