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Windows 2000 Server For Dummies (0764503413) cover image

Windows 2000 Server For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0341-2
432 pages
March 2000
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If you're new to Windows 2000 Server or to networks in general, fear not, because using a network is not beyond anyone's wits or abilities -- it's mostly a matter of using a language that ordinary people can understand.

Windows 2000 Server For Dummies covers new Web-enabled network features and Active Directory administration for Windows 2000 in plain language. It's full of easy-to-understand instructions that enable you to find your way around a Windows 2000 Server-based network and...
* Grasp basic networking concepts and terminology
* Understand network design, layout principles, and installation configurations
* Review software components common on Windows 2000-based networks
* Install and configure Windows 2000 Server
* Manage users and groups on a Windows 2000-based network
* Conduct a review of network security principles and practices to protect your data from accidental loss or vandalism
* Troubleshoot common causes of trouble on Windows 2000-based networks
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