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Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies (0764506412) cover image

Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0641-3
432 pages
February 2000
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You know you're light years ahead of most computer nerds. For example, you can make conversation with a neighbor without mumbling about the latest "Flash ROM Upgrades." But when it comes to Windows and computers, the fascination just isn't there for you, is it? You just want to get your work done, go home, feed the dog, walk the cat, and relax for a while. You don't want to spend half the night wondering why Windows 2000 keeps giving you an error message that's keeping you from finishing you work.

That's where Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies can help. This book may look similar to all those earlier Dummies books on Windows, but it's been completely revamped to describe Windows 2000 Professional, the "business" version of Microsoft Windows – which is probably what you have on your desktop computer or laptop at work. You can get the skinny on all those new features of Windows 2000 Professional, if you've recently upgraded from Windows NT or Windows 98. And experienced Windows 2000 Professional users may be able to fine a tidbit or two that they didn't know.

You won't find any fancy computer jargon in this book. Instead, you'll find topics like these, discussed in plain old English:

  • Understanding your computer hardware
  • A review of basic Windows stuff, from double-clicking to opening and closing programs
  • An introduction to those networking things your tech people think you should already know
  • Examining all those Windows buttons, bars, and boxes
  • Getting around on your company's intranet
  • Actually getting something done (imagine that!), such as printing documents, faxing, and setting up e-mail
  • Troubleshooting and deciphering those cryptic error messages
  • Top Ten lists on Windows 2000 Professional's new features and on things that Windows 2000 doesn't do too well (and how to work around them)

You know you're no dummy; but you don't appreciate being made to feel like one when you sit down in front of a computer. Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies can ease you through your Windows frustration and help you do the work that you're supposed to do.

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