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Wi-Fi Home Networking Just the Steps For Dummies (0470044098) cover image

Wi-Fi Home Networking Just the Steps For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-04409-4
240 pages
July 2006
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Part I: Starting a Wireless Network.

Chapter 1: Setting Up Wireless Access Points.

Chapter 2: Configuring Your Network.

Chapter 3: Adding Wireless Devices to Your Network.

Chapter 4: Using Your Wireless Network.

Chapter 5: Wireless Networking with Your Mac.

Part II: Securing Your Network.

Chapter 6: Activating Wi-Fi Security.

Chapter 7: Managing Firewalls and Network Security.

Chapter 8: Preventing Unauthorized Network Users.

Part III: Improving Your Network’s Performance.

Chapter 9: Monitoring Network Performance.

Chapter 10: Improving the Speed and Range of Your Network.

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Network Problems.

Part IV: Using Someone Else’s Network.

Chapter 12: Finding and Using Public Hotspots.

Chapter 13: Making Ad Hoc Peer-to-Peer Wireless Connections.

Chapter 14: Using Bluetooth Devices.

Chapter 15: Networking Wirelessly with Your Pocket PC.

Part V: Practical Applications.

Chapter 16: Project: Creating a Network Bridge.

Chapter 17: Project: Networking a Game Console.

Chapter 18: Project: Setting Up a Wireless Media Center.

Chapter 19: Project: Adding Wireless Network Storage.

Chapter 20: Project: Connecting to a Digital Media Receiver.

Chapter 21: Project: Turning Your Pocket PC into a Remote Control.

Chapter 22: Project: Adding a Wireless Print Server to Your Network.

Chapter 23: Project: Setting Up Your Own Hotspot.

Chapter 24: Project: Voice Chatting With Your Wireless Network.

Chapter 25: Project: Adding a Wireless Camera to Your Network.


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