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Welding For Dummies (0470455969) cover image

Welding For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-45596-8
384 pages
October 2010
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: Understanding Welding Basics.

Chapter 1: Diving Into the World of Welding.

Chapter 2: Considering Commonly Welded Metals.

Chapter 3: Setting Your Sights on Welding Safety.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Welding Shop.

Part II: Welding on a Budget: Stick and Tig Welding.

Chapter 5: Getting on the Stick: Understanding Stick Welding.

Chapter 6: Getting to Work with Stick Welding.

Chapter 7: To Tig or Not To Tig: Understanding Tig Welding.

Chapter 8: Trying Out Tig Welding.

Part III: Discovering Mig Welding.

Chapter 9: Understanding the ABCs of Mig Welding.

Chapter 10: Practicing Mig Welding.

Part IV: Getting Fancy: Plasma Cutting, Oxyfuel Cutting, and Other Processes.

Chapter 11: Examining Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting.

Chapter 12: Ready, Set, Cut! Trying Out Plasma Arc Cutting and Oxyfuel Cutting.

Chapter 13: Exploring Special Weld Processes.

Chapter 14: Exploring Pipe Welding.

Chapter 15: Working with Cast Iron.

Part V: Putting Welding into Action with Projects and Repairs.

Chapter 16: Two Welding Projects to Boost Your Welding Shop.

Chapter 17: Constructing a Campfire Grill.

Chapter 18: Fixin' to Fix Things: Analyzing and Planning.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Tools Every Welder Wants.

Chapter 20: (Not Quite) Ten Advantages of Being a Certified Welder.

Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Welding Defects.

Chapter 22: Ten Signs You're Welding Correctly.

Chapter 23: Ten Maintenance Tips for Your Welding Equipment and Shop.



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