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Vocabulary For Dummies (1118053796) cover image

Vocabulary For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05379-9
360 pages
June 2011
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Part I: Getting Your Bearings.

Chapter 1: Figuring Out How Words Work.

Chapter 2: Building Your Vocabulary.

Chapter 3: Picking Up Meaning.

Chapter 4: Using the Right Word.

Part II: Mastering the Basics.

Chapter 5: Getting to the Root of the Matter.

Chapter 6: Starting Off with Prefixes.

Chapter 7: Ending Well: Suffixes.

Part III: Expanding Your Base.Chapter 8: Shading Meaning: Synonyms, Antonyms, Connotations, Denotations.

Chapter 9: Hear Your Homonyms and Homophones Here.

Chapter 10: Compounding Words.

Chapter 11: Romancing English: Words from French, Spanish, and Italian.

Chapter 12: Borrowing from the Neighbors: Words from Other Languages.

Part IV: Getting Savvy with Vocabulary.

Chapter 13: Trying Your Skills on Standardized Tests.

Chapter 14: Taking Care of Business Vocabulary.

Chapter 15: Mutterings on Money Matters.

Chapter 16: Speaking Legalese.

Chapter 17: Doctoring Your Words: Medical Terms.

Chapter 18: Acquiring Shopping and Eating Language.

Chapter 19: Expanding the Language: Recent Additions.

Chapter 20: Exploring Words from Real and Mythical People and Places.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Don't Go There: Language to Avoid.

Chapter 22: Distinctions Worth Making.

Chapter 23: Ten Techniques for Nonnative Speakers.

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