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Visual Studio 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies (1118052129) cover image

Visual Studio 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05212-9
840 pages
February 2011
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Book I: Visual Studio 2008 Overview.

Chapter 1: What Is Visual Studio?

Chapter 2: Exploring .NET.

Chapter 3: Modern Software Development.

Chapter 4: The Languages of .NET.

Chapter 5: The Many Editions of Visual Studio 2008.

Book II: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Installing Visual Studio Professional.

Chapter 2: Browsing Visual Studio.

Chapter 3: Making Connections with Visual Studio.

Chapter 4: Upgrading .NET.

Book III: Building Applications.

Chapter 1: Getting Smart about Smart Clients.

Chapter 2: Building Smart Client User Interfaces.

Chapter 3: Building Visual C++ Applications.

Chapter 4: Building Web Applications.

Chapter 5: Using AJAX For Rich Web Pages.

Chapter 6: Laying Out Your Site.

Chapter 7: Exploring ASP.NET Services.

Chapter 8: Building a Mobile Application.

Book IV: Getting Acquainted with Data Access.

Chapter 1: Accessing Data with Visual Studio.

Chapter 2: Show Me the Data.

Chapter 3: Working with Strongly Typed DataSets.

Chapter 4: Working with XML.

Chapter 5: Under the Hood with ADO.NET.

Chapter 6: Using Visual Studio with SQL Server.

Chapter 7: LINQ.

Book V: Coding.

Chapter 1: Programming with Visual Studio 2008.

Chapter 2: Understanding Data Types.

Chapter 3: Get Some Class.

Chapter 4: Wiring Up Events in the User Interface.

Chapter 5: Getting Productive with Visual Studio 2008.

Chapter 6: Exploring Web Services.

Chapter 7: Handling Exceptions and Debugging.

Chapter 8: Testing Code with Visual Studio.

Book VI: Going the Extra Mile.

Chapter 1: Building Solutions and Projects.

Chapter 2: Deployment Options.

Chapter 3: Checking Out Source Control.

Chapter 4: Building Professional Reports with Crystal Reports.

Book VII: Extending Visual Studio.

Chapter 1: Exploring Visual Studio Extensions.

Chapter 2: Being a Team Player with Visual Studio Team System.

Chapter 3: Using Visual Studio with Vista and Office 2007.


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