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Visual C++6 For Dummies (0764503723) cover image

Visual C++6 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0372-6
480 pages
September 1998
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PART I: Visual C++ in Nine Easy Chapters.

Chapter 1: What's in the Visual C++ Package?

Chapter 2: Pulling Windows Programs Out of a Hat.

Chapter 3: Bewitched by ClassWizard.

Chapter 4: Don't You Want Some Project to Love?

Chapter 5: All It Takes Is a Good Editor.

Chapter 6: A Compile's Just a Frown, Upside Down.

Chapter 7: Lots of Bugs and Kisses.

Chapter 8: Buying? Just Browsing.

Chapter 9: Consider All Options.

PART II: Everything you Wanted to Know about C++, but were Afraid to Ask.

Chapter 10: Get with the Program.

Chapter 11: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 12: The Programming Parts Department.

Chapter 13: It Takes All Types of Data.

Chapter 14: These Variables, They Are A-Changin'.

Chapter 15: Structures: Building Blocks for Variables.

Chapter 16: Making a Good First Expression.

Chapter 17: Go with the Flow.

Chapter 18: A Better Jukebox Application.

Chapter 19: Play That Function Music Right, Boys.

Chapter 20: Pointer Me in the Right Direction.

Chapter 21: An Even Louder Jukebox.

Chapter 22: Everyone Deserves Arrays (And Enumeration Types).

Chapter 23: A Jukebox Hero.

Chapter 24: And You Thought Scope Was Just a Mouthwash.

PART III: And Now for Something Completely Object Oriented.

Chapter 25: Through the Looking Class.

Chapter 26: Boa Constructors and Boa Destructors.

Chapter 27: Jukebox++.

Chapter 28: Inheriting a Fortune.

Chapter 29: Those Virtuous Virtual Functions (Polymorphism Wants a Cracker).

Chapter 30: Shirley Templates.

Chapter 31: The Sound of Music, Continued.

Chapter 32: Iostream Sundaes.

Chapter 33: Too Hot to Exception Handle.

Chapter 34: Just a Jukebox of Rain (Streams).

Chapter 35: Take an Overload Off Sally (And Her Friends).

Chapter 36: Overloading Pandora's Jukebox.

PART IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 37: Ten Syntax Errors.

Chapter 38: Ten More Syntax Errors.

Chapter 39: Half of Ten Ways to Undo Things.

Chapter 40: There Must Be Ten Ways to Fix Your Crashing Programs.

Chapter 41: Ten More Ways to Fix Your Crashing Programs.

Chapter 42: The Top Ten MFC Classes.

Chapter 43: The Top Ten MFC Member Functions.

Appendix: About the CD.



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