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Visual Basic 6 For Dummies (0764503707) cover image

Visual Basic 6 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0370-2
504 pages
September 1998
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PART I: Creating a Visual Basic 6 Program.

Chapter 1: How Visual Basic Works.

Chapter 2: Using the Visual Basic User Interface.

Chapter 3: Designing Your First User Interface.

Chapter 4: Writing Basic Code.

PART II: Creating User Interfaces.

Chapter 5: User Interface Design 101.

Chapter 6: Forms and Buttons.

Chapter 7: Boxes and Buttons for Making Choices.

Chapter 8: Text Boxes for Typing and Showing Words.

Chapter 9: Scroll Bars and Labels.

Chapter 10: Pretty Pictures and Objects from Geometry.

PART III: Making Menus.

Chapter 11: Creating and Editing Pull-Down Menus.

Chapter 12: Submenus, Growing Menus, and Pop-Up Menus.

Chapter 13: Dialog Boxes.

PART IV: The Basics of Writing Code.

Chapter 14: Event Procedures.

Chapter 15: Using Variables.

Chapter 16: Responding to the User.

Chapter 17: Math 101: Arithmetic, Logical, and Comparison Operators.

Chapter 18: Strings and Things.

Chapter 19: Defining Constants and Using Comments.

Chapter 20: Killing Bugs.

PART V: Making Decisions (Something you Stop Doing When You Get Married).

Chapter 21: The If-Then and If-Then-Else Statements.

Chapter 22: The Select Case Statement.

PART VI: Getting Loopy.

Chapter 23: The Do While and Do-Loop While Loops.

Chapter 24: The Do Until and Do-Loop Until Loops.

Chapter 25: For Next Loops That Can Count.

Chapter 26: Nested Loops and Quick Exits.

PART VII: Writing Subprograms (So You Don't Go Crazy All at Once).

Chapter 27: General Procedures (Subprograms Tha Everyone Can Share).

Chapter 28: Passing Arguments.

Chapter 29: Functions, a Unique Type of Subprogram.

Chapter 30: Getting Some Class with Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 31: Managing Files.

PART VIII: Database Files and Printing.

Chapter 32: Creating Database Files.

Chapter 33: Using Files from Database Programs You'd Rather Not Use.

Chapter 34: Making Your Program Print Stuff.

PART IX: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 35: The Ten Visual Basic Topics That Didn't Fit Anywhere Else.

Appendix A: About the CD.


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