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Visual Basic.NET All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies   (0764525794) cover image

Visual Basic.NET All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies 

ISBN: 978-0-7645-2579-7
816 pages
March 2003
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Introduction: Welcome to .NET.

Book I The Fundamentals of Visual Basic .NET Programming.

Chapter 1: Getting With the Program.

Chapter 2: Common Tasks.

Chapter 3: Managing Files and Directories.

Chapter 4: Old Concepts in New Clothes.

Book II Tapping the Power of .NET Editor.

Chapter 1: Organizing Your Projects.

Chapter 2: Viewing Your Work.

Chapter 3: Investigating the Toolbox.

Chapter 4: Windows, Windows Everywhere.

Chapter 5: Customization — Doing It Your Way.

Book III Advanced Visual Basic .NET Programming.

Chapter 1: Understanding Variable Types.

Chapter 2: Working with Arrays.

Chapter 3: Serious Serialization and Streams.

Chapter 4: Creating Runtime Controls.

Chapter 5: Overloaded Functions and Parameters.

Chapter 6: Smashing Bugs.

Chapter 7: No More Paranoia — Programmatic Encryption.

Book IV Programming for the Web.

Chapter 1: Introduction to ASP.NET.

Chapter 2: Everything’s Eventual.

Chapter 3: Using ASP.NET Controls.

Chapter 4: Making Database Connections on WebForms.

Chapter 5: Creating a Web Service.

Chapter 6: Bugs in the Web.

Book V Visual Basic .NET Database Programming.

Chapter 1: The Basics of Databases.

Chapter 2: User Interface Techniques.

Chapter 3: Managing DataSets.

Chapter 4: Migrating to ADO.NET.

Chapter 5: Deeper into ADO.NET.

Chapter 6: Querying Data.

Book VI Fun and Games with Graphics.

Chapter 1: You Be Picasso.

Chapter 2: The Creative Photographer.

Chapter 3: Mastering .NET Printing (It’s Complicated Until You Know How).

Chapter 4: Constructing Wolfram Diagrams.

Book VII Visual Basic .NET Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 1: Introduction to OOP.

Chapter 2: Creating Classes.

Chapter 3: Inheritance.

Chapter 4: Your First OOP Project.

Chapter 5: Exploiting the .NET Framework.

Appendix: Dictionary of VB.NET.


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