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Virtualization For Dummies (0470148314) cover image

Virtualization For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-14831-0
384 pages
December 2007
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Part I: Getting Started with a Virtualization Project.

Chapter 1: Wrapping Your Head around Virtualization.

Chapter 2: Making a Business Case for Virtualization.

Chapter 3: Understanding Virtualization: Technologies and Applications.

Chapter 4: Peeking at the Future of Virtualization.

Part II: Server Virtualization.

Chapter 5: Deciding Whether Server Virtualization Is Right for You.

Chapter 6: Performing a Server Virtualization Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Chapter 7: Managing a Virtualization Project.

Chapter 8: Choosing Hardware for Your Server Virtualization Project.

Part III: Server Virtualization Software Options.

Chapter 9: Migrating to Your New Virtualized Environment.

Chapter 10: Managing Your Virtualized Environment.

Chapter 11: Creating a Virtualized Storage Environment.

Part IV: Implementing Virtualization.

Chapter 12: Implementing VMware Server.

Chapter 13: Implementing Fedora Virtualization.

Chapter 14: Implementing XenExpress.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: Ten Steps to Your First Virtualization Project.

Chapter 16: Ten Virtualization Pitfalls to Avoid.

Chapter 17: Ten Great Resourceson Virtualization.


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