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Vampire: The Requiem For Dummies (0470105941) cover image

Vampire: The Requiem For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-10594-8
384 pages
January 2007
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Part I: Introducing Vampire: The Requiem.

Chapter 1: Preparing to Play Vampire: The Requiem.

Chapter 2: Creating a Character.

Chapter 3: Playing the Game.

Part II: Choosing a Clan.

Chapter 4: Starting Out as a Daeva.

Chapter 5: Playing Clan Gangrel.

Chapter 6: Beginning as a Mekhet.

Chapter 7: Stepping Out as a Nosferatu.

Chapter 8: Becoming Clan Ventrue.

Part III: Creating Your Own Vampire.

Chapter 9: Imagining Your Character.

Chapter 10: Picking Your Character’s Attributes.

Chapter 11: Selecting Your Character’s Skills.

Chapter 12: Choosing Your Character’s Disciplines.

Chapter 13: Determining Your Character’s Advantages.

Chapter 14: Identifying Your Character’s Merits.

Part IV: Stepping into the Night.

Chapter 15: Entering the World of the Undead.

Chapter 16: Rising to the Long Night.

Chapter 17: Exploring the Kindred Covenants.

Part V: Mastering the Art of Storytelling.

Chapter 18: Setting the Stage.

Chapter 19: Crafting Stories.

Chapter 20: Introducing Antagonists.

Chapter 21: Gaining Experience.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Best Ways to Defeat a Vampire.

Chapter 23: Ten Best Haven Locations.

Chapter 24: Ten Best Foes of Vampires.

Chapter 25: Ten Best Blood Magic Spells.

Chapter 26: Ten Best Vampire Game Books.

Part VII: Appendix.


Character Sheet.


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