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U.S. Constitution For Dummies (0470543000) cover image

U.S. Constitution For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-54300-9
408 pages
April 2009
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Part I: Exploring Constitutional Basics.

Chapter 1: Constitutional Law: The Framework for Governance.

Chapter 2: Framing the U.S. Constitution: Big Thinkers, Big Thoughts.

Chapter 3: Debating the Constitution.

Chapter 4: Introducing . . . the Constitution! The Preamble and the Seven Articles.

Chapter 5: Amending versus Interpreting the Constitution: Taking Time for Change.

Part II: We the People: How the United States Is Governed.

Chapter 6: Scrutinizing Sovereignty: Who Rules America?

Chapter 7: Federalism: Forming One out of Many.

Chapter 8: Separation of Powers: To Each His Own.

Chapter 9: Doing Business: The Commerce Clause.

Part III: Balancing the Branches of Government: The President, Congress, and the Judiciary.

Chapter 10: Looking at the Role of Commander in Chief.

Chapter 11: Giving Everyone a Voice: The House of Representatives and Senate.

Chapter 12: “During Good Behaviour”: The Judicial System.

Chapter 13: You’re Fired! Investigating the Impeachment Process.

Part IV: The Bill of Rights: Specifying Rights through Amendments.

Chapter 14: The First Amendment: Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Assembly.

Chapter 15: The Second Amendment: Bearing Arms.

Chapter 16: The Third and Fourth Amendments: Protecting Citizens from Government Forces.

Chapter 17: Taking the Fifth — and a Bit of the Fourteenth.

Chapter 18: Dealing with Justice and Individual Rights: The Sixth through Eighth Amendments.

Chapter 19: The Ninth and Tenth Amendments: Leaving Things Up to the People and States.

Part V: Addressing Liberties and Modifying the Government: More Amendments.

Chapter 20: States’ Rights, Elections, and Slavery: The Eleventh through Thirteenth Amendments.

Chapter 21: The Fourteenth Amendment: Ensuring Equal Protection.

Chapter 22: Starts, Stops, and Clarifi cations: Amendments since 1870.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Landmark Constitutional Cases.

Chapter 24: Ten Infl uential Supreme Court Justices.

Chapter 25: Two Sides of Five Constitutional Conundrums.

Appendix: Constitution of the United States of America.


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