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Trumpet For Dummies (0470963492) cover image

Trumpet For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-96349-4
384 pages
February 2011
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Introduction 1

Part I: Ta-Da! A Prelude to Trumpet Playing 7

Chapter 1: The Instrument of Royalty 9

Chapter 2: How the Trumpet Works 23

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Weapon 35

Chapter 4: A Primer on Music Notation 51

Part II: The Noble Sound of the Trumpet 69

Chapter 5: Making Buzzing Beautiful 71

Chapter 6: Sound the Trumpet! 83

Chapter 7: Adding More Notes, Making More Music 99

Chapter 8: Becoming Articulate on the Trumpet 113

Chapter 9: Warming Up for Greater Success 125

Part III: Developing Your Technique 139

Chapter 10: Lower! Slower! 141

Chapter 11: Higher! Faster! 153

Chapter 12: Arpeggios: Leaps of Faith 167

Chapter 13: Developing Strength and Endurance 177

Chapter 14: Becoming More Articulate 191

Chapter 15: The Different Characters of the Trumpet 217

Part IV: The Complete Trumpeter: Knowledge and Skills for the Advancing Player 231

Chapter 16: A Practice Routine for Success 233

Chapter 17: Becoming More Versatile 269

Chapter 18: Valves, Slides, and Leadpipes: The Greasy Side of Trumpet Playing 293

Chapter 19: Collecting Stuff for Your Trumpet 309

Chapter 20: Studying with a Teacher 325

Chapter 21: Get ting in the Game 333

Part V: The Par t of Tens 345

Chapter 22: Ten Trumpet Kings and Queens 347

Chapter 23: Ten Bad Habits to Avoid 353

Chapter 24: Ten Ways You Can Be Your Best 357

Appendix: About the CD 361

Index 369

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