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Trading Card Games For Dummies (0471754161) cover image

Trading Card Games For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-471-75416-9
350 pages
March 2006
US $19.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book

Introduction 1

Part I: Playing a Game Like Nothing You’ve Played Before 9

Chapter 1: Mixing Chess, Baseball Cards, and Green Army Men 11

Chapter 2: Looking under the Hood: What Makes Collectible Games Tick? 21

Chapter 3: Getting into the Right Game for You 33

Part II: Introducing the Big Six 39

Chapter 4: Beginning Where It All Started — with Magic: The Gathering 41

Chapter 5: Battling for Superhero Supremacy with the Vs. System 63

Chapter 6: Thrills, Skills, and Strategy for Everybody with Pokémon 81

Chapter 7: Defending Your Honor in Legend of the Five Rings 99

Chapter 8: Dueling with Monsters and Magic in Yu-Gi-Oh! 123

Chapter 9: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and Superhero Supremacy with HeroClix 141

Part III: Shuffling through the Rest of the Decks 155

Chapter 10: Bringing Comic Books, Manga, and Anime to Life 157

Chapter 11: Playing TV Shows and Movies on Your Tabletop 171

Chapter 12: Living Your Dreams in Fantasy and Science Fiction Games 183

Chapter 13: Exploring History and Literature with Cards and Dice 199

Chapter 14: Playing by Age: Games for Kids to Grown-ups 211

Part IV: Diving Deeper into the Hobby 221

Chapter 15: Rising Above the Tabletop in Paint and Plastic 223

Chapter 16: Collecting, Trading, Storing, and Transporting Your Goodies 243

Chapter 17: Challenging Your Skills in Tournaments 255

Chapter 18: Turning Collectibles into Profitables with eBay 265

Chapter 19: Volunteering for Fun, Frolic, and Freebies 279

Part V: The Part of Tens 285

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Buying, Selling, and Trading 287

Chapter 21: Ten Short Games to Play between Rounds 299

Chapter 22: Ten Great Gifts for the Game Player You Adore 315

Index 327

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