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The Koran For Dummies (0764555812) cover image

The Koran For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5581-7
384 pages
June 2004
US $21.99 Add to Cart
“…I was quickly humbled by this guide, which showed me how much I had misunderstood.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in Islam…”  (Catholic Herald, 26 November 2004)

The Qur'an's overall context of hostility to those who disbelieve in Mohammed's prophecy is downplayed in one forthcoming book, The Koran for Dummies by Sohaid Sultan. Under the heading "Discovering the Basic Messages of the Koran," Sultan lists as Mohammed's basic themes "The unity of God," "Worship and service to God," "Prophets to teach and guide," "Completion of past revelations," "Guidance to a spiritual path," "Movement for social change," "Accountability of deeds." All of which sounds pretty harmless—nothing about making war on unbelievers. (Publishers Weekly, May 10, 2004)

"...provides an introduction to Islam's holy book." (Publishers Weekly, February 9, 2004)

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