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The Book of Revelation For Dummies (0470045213) cover image

The Book of Revelation For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-04521-3
342 pages
April 2008
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Part I: Revealing the End of the Biblical Story.

Chapter 1: One Man’s Visions, All Humans’ Fate.

Chapter 2: Setting the Stage: The Apostle John and the World in Which He Lived.

Chapter 3: The Prequels: Prophecies throughout the Bible.

Part II: Interpreting the Book of Revelation.

Chapter 4: Choosing a Perspective for Understanding Revelation.

Chapter 5: Deciphering Symbols with Your Secret Decoder Ring.

Part III: Taking a Grand Tour of the Book of Revelation.

Chapter 6: Setting Up the Scope of the Book (1:1–20).

Chapter 7: Reading the Seven Letters to Conflicted Churches (1:19–3:22).

Chapter 8: Peeking into the Throne Room (4:1–5:14).

Chapter 9: Breaking Seven Seals (6:1–8:1).

Chapter 10: Sounding Seven Trumpets (8:2–11:19).

Chapter 11: A Woman, a Dragon, Two Beasts, and More! (12:1–14:20).

Chapter 12: Seven Angels, Seven Bowls, and a Final Smackdown (15:1–18:24).

Chapter 13: Coming of the Kingdom (19:1–20:15).

Chapter 14: Seeing the New Jerusalem and a Triumphant Church (21:1–22:6).

Chapter 15: Promising to Return (22:6–21).

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Common Questions about the End Times.

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Interpreting Scripture and Prophecy.

Appendix: Glossary.


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