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Teaching Kids to Spell For Dummies (0764576240) cover image

Teaching Kids to Spell For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7624-9
388 pages
March 2005
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Part I: Understanding the Basics of Good Spelling.

Chapter 1: Thinking Like a Spelling Teacher.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Reading, Writing, and Spelling Mix.

Chapter 3: Getting to Know the Pieces and Parts of Spelling.

Part II: Getting Easy Words onto Paper.

Chapter 4: Spelling with Short Vowels.

Chapter 5: Blending Letters Together.

Chapter 6: Choosing ch (and sh, th, ph, and wh, too).

Part III: Coming to Grips with Long Vowel Sounds.

Chapter 7: Putting a Firm Pen on Bossy e.

Chapter 8: Taking Charge of Words with Two Vowels Together.

Chapter 9: Writing y Instead of a, e, or i.

Part IV: Using Word Families.

Chapter 10: Getting Into Word Family Mode.

Chapter 11: Guiding Her Pen to Bigger Word Families.

Chapter 12: Spelling Sight Words: A Different Family.

Chapter 13: Being Vocal about Silent Letters.

Chapter 14: Spelling Some Letters “Softly”.

Part V: Spelling Words in Chunks.

Chapter 15: Cheerfully Chunking Sounds.

Chapter 16: Finishing Off with Suffixes.

Chapter 17: Spotting What’s in a Contraction.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Word Families.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Correct Your Child’s Spelling.

Chapter 20: Ten (or More) Group Activities That Rock.

Chapter 21: Ten Spelling Games for Car Trips.


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