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Tax for Australians For Dummies (1742168590) cover image

Tax for Australians For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-74216-859-3
324 pages
June 2009
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Part I: How You Are Taxed in Australia.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Australian Tax System.

Chapter 2: Taxing Australians: The Formula You Had to Have.

Chapter 3: Lodging Your Tax Return: This One Is For the Nation.

Chapter 4: Receiving a Visit: When the Tax Offi ce Comes Knocking.

Part II: Income from Personal Exertion.

Chapter 5: Taxing Employees: Working Class Man.

Chapter 6: Living in Your Castle: Main Residence.

Chapter 7: Taxing Issues That Affect Your Children.

Part III: Tax Effective Investments.

Chapter 8: Interesting Stuff: Bank Deposits and Tax.

Chapter 9: Owning Part of the Company: Investing in Shares.

Chapter 10: Building Your Dreams: Investing in Bricks and Mortar.

Chapter 11: Catching Up on Capital Gains Tax.

Par t IV: Running a Business.

Chapter 12: Structuring Your Business for Maximum Gain.

Chapter 13: Starting a Business: On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

Chapter 14: Reducing Your Small Business Tax Bill.

Chapter 15: Collecting Tax for the Government: Goods and Services Tax.

Chapter 16: Living on the Fringe: Fringe Benefi ts Tax.

Chapter 17: Getting Wealthy: CGT and Small Business.

Part V: Thinking Long Term.

Chapter 18: Preparing for Retirement Using Superannuation.

Chapter 19: Reaping What You Sow: Receiving a Pension and Government Concessions.

Chapter 20: Death and Taxes: Wills and Business Succession Planning.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Beating the Tax Offi ce: Top Ten Hit Parade.

Chapter 22: Top Ten Retirement Tax Tips.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Income Tax Rates and Tables.

Appendix B: Taxing the Visitors: Non-Residents.

Appendix C: Glossary.


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