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Tarot For Dummies (0764553615) cover image

Tarot For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5361-5
368 pages
August 2001
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PART I: It's All in How You See It.

Chapter 1: Making Friends with the Tarot.

Chapter 2: Who Uses the Tarot and Why?

Chapter 3: Let's Go Shopping!

Chapter 4: History and Mystery: Where Does the Tarot Come From?

Chapter 5: The Tarot and the Mystery School Tradition.

PART II: Pick a Card, Any Card: A Guided Tour Through the Tarot Deck.

Chapter 6: A Magic Mirror: Preparing for the Tarot's Possibilities.

Chapter 7: Hitting the Big Time: The 22 Major Arcana Cards.

Chapter 8: Certainly Not the Minor Leagues: The Minor Arcana Number Cards.

Chapter 9: A Magic Kingdom: The 16 Court or Royalty Cards.

PART III: The Tarot and You: The ABCs of Tarot Reading (And Then Some).

Chapter 10: Experiencing the Tarot.

Chapter 11: Handling, Mixing, and Interpreting the Cards.

Chapter 12: Going Deeper: Meditating with the Tarot.

Chapter 13: Tarot Spreads Aren't for Sandwiches!

Chapter 14: Help Wanted!

PART IV: The Tarot and Her Family: Seeing Through Other Eyes.

Chapter 15: Connecting the Tarot to the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Chapter 16: Connecting the Tarot to Astrology and Numerology.

Chapter 17: Connecting the Tarot to Alchemy and Your Life Journey.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Top Ten Tarot Misconceptions.

Chapter 19: The Ten Cards Most Likely to Cause a Freak-Out.

Appendix: Seeking Additional Resources.


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