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Stem Cells For Dummies (0470259280) cover image

Stem Cells For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-25928-3
364 pages
February 2010
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Part I: Brushing Up on Biology.

Chapter 1: Painting the Broad Strokes of Stem Cell Science.

Chapter 2: Understanding Cells and Tissues.

Chapter 3: Tracing the History of Stem Cell Research.

Part II: Delving into Stem Cell Science.

Chapter 4: Starting with Embryonic Stem Cells.

Chapter 5: Understanding Adult Stem Cells.

Chapter 6: Exploring Other Stem Cell Sources.

Chapter 7: Understanding Why Scientists Mix and Match Cells.

Part III: Discovering How Stem Cells Can Affect the Future.

Chapter 8: Looking into Cancer’s Cradle: Cancer Stem Cells.

Chapter 9: Using Stem Cells to Understand and Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Chapter 10: Improving Therapies for Diseases of the Heart, Liver, and Pancreas.

Chapter 11: Improving Drug Development.

Part IV: Putting Stem Cells to Use Today.

Chapter 12: Where We Are Now: Stem Cell Treatments, Trials, and Possibilities.

Chapter 13: Understanding the Role of Stem Cells in Transplants.

Chapter 14: Putting Stem Cells in the Bank.

Part V: Understanding the Debate: Ethics, Laws, and Money.

Chapter 15: Exploring Ethical, Religious, Philosophical, and Moral Questions.

Chapter 16: Getting a Handle on Current Stem Cell Laws and Policies.

Chapter 17: Following the Money: Understanding Stem Cell Funding and Profits.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (or So) Stem Cell Myths.

Chapter 19: Ten Hurdles to Stem Cell Use.

Chapter 20: Ten Possibilities for the Future of Stem Cells.

Chapter 21: Ten (or So) Things to Do Before You Consider Stem Cell Treatment.

Chapter 22: Ten (or So) Great Resources to Stay Up to Date.



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