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Statics For Dummies (0470598948) cover image

Statics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-59894-8
384 pages
September 2010
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Introduction 1

Part I: Setting the Stage for Statics 7

Chapter 1: Using Statics to Describe the World around You 9

Chapter 2: A Quick Mathematics Refresher 17

Chapter 3: Working with Unit Systems and Constants 31

Part II: Your Statics Foundation: Vector Basics 39

Chapter 4: Viewing the World through Vectors 41

Chapter 5: Using Vectors to Better Defi ne Direction 51

Chapter 6: Vector Mathematics and Identities 69

Chapter 7: Turning Multiple Vectors into a Single Vector Resultant 79

Chapter 8: Breaking Down a Vector into Components 95

Part III: Forces and Moments as Vectors 107

Chapter 9: Applying Concentrated Forces and External Point Loads 109

Chapter 10: Spreading It Out: Understanding Distributed Loads 123

Chapter 11: Finding the Centers of Objects and Regions 135

Chapter 12: Special Occasions in the Life of a Force Vector: Moments and Couples 149

Part IV: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (Or At Least a Few Equations): Free-Body Diagrams 167

Chapter 13: Anatomy of a Free-Body Diagram 169

Chapter 14: The F.B.D.: Knowing What to Draw and How to Draw It 185

Chapter 15: Simplifying a Free-Body Diagram 199

Part V: A Question of Balance: Equilibrium 207

Chapter 16: Mr. Newton Has Entered the Building: The Basics of Equilibrium 209

Chapter 17: Taking a Closer Look at Two-Dimensional Equilibrium: Scalar Methods 219

Chapter 18: Getting Better Acquainted with Three-Dimensional Equilibrium: Vector Methods 229

Part VI: Statics in Action 241

Chapter 19: Working with Trusses 243

Chapter 20: Analyzing Beams and Bending Members 259

Chapter 21: Working with Frames and Machines 279

Chapter 22: A Different Kind of Axial System: Cable Systems 293

Chapter 23: Those Darn Dam Problems: Submerged Surfaces 309

Chapter 24: Incorporating Friction into Your Applications 321

Part VII: The Part of Tens 339

Chapter 25: Ten Steps to Solving Any Statics Problem 341

Chapter 26: Ten Tips for Surviving a Statics Exam 347

Index 353

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