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Sports Psychology For Dummies (0470676590) cover image

Sports Psychology For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-67659-2
360 pages
September 2010
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting the Winning Edge: Sports Psychology Fundamentals 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Sports Psychology 9

Chapter 2: The Gladiator Mind: Strengthening What’s Under the Helmet 17

Chapter 3: Setting Goals: Aiming High and Hitting the Bull’s-Eye 29

Chapter 4: Stoking the Fire in Your Belly: How to Fan the Flames of Motivation 39

Chapter 5: Swagger: The Art and Science of Building Real Confidence 55

Part II: Your Mental Toolkit for Success 69

Chapter 6: Mastering the Art of Focus 71

Chapter 7: Seeing Is Believing: What You Need to Know about Imagery 87

Chapter 8: Self-Talk: Making Sure You’re Not Yelling in Your Own Ear 105

Chapter 9: Getting a Hold of Your Schedule 119

Part III: Staying Competitive: Sports Psychology in Action 131

Chapter 10: Winning Habits: How Routines Improve Performance in Competition 133

Chapter 11: Handling Pressure: Playing in the Fire without Getting Burned 149

Chapter 12: Staying Strong: The Importance of Managing Energy Levels 165

Chapter 13: Handling Adversity: The Psychological Art of Bouncing Back 181

Part IV: Improving Team Performance with Sports Psychology 199

Chapter 14: Communicating as a Team 201

Chapter 15: Leading Your Team to Victory: Athletes as Leaders 213

Chapter 16: Developing Teamwork 229

Part V: Sports Psychology for Coaches and Parents 243

Chapter 17: Coaching Today’s Athlete 245

Chapter 18: Parenting an Athlete: How to Be More than Just a Fan 263

Part VI: The Part of Tens 281

Chapter 19: Ten Ways You Can Use Sports Psychology at the Office 283

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Be a Better Competitor 293

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Manage Stress Better 299

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Parent an Athlete 309

Index 317

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