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Solaris 9 For Dummies (076454425X) cover image

Solaris 9 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4425-5
384 pages
November 2003
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Part I: Getting Aquainted with Solaris.

Chapter 1: Logging In and Poking Around.

Chapter 2: Graphical Window Managers.

Chapter 3: Interacting with the Shell.

Chapter 4: Managing Files and Directories.

Part II: The Inevitable Internet Section.

Chapter 5: Doin’ That E-Mail Thing.

Chapter 6: Exploring the World Wide Web.

Chapter 7: Creating Web Pages.

Chapter 8: Accessing Internet Services.

Part III: Becoming Productive with StarOffice.

Chapter 9: Composing Documents with Writer.

Chapter 10: The Rest of StarOffice.

Part IV: Editing and Controlling Programs.

Chapter 11: Exploring Text Files.

Chapter 12: Editing Files.

Chapter 13: Controlling Processes.

Chapter 14: Finding Files.

Part V: Administration and Security Issues.

Chapter 15: Connecting to the Network.

Chapter 16: Essential System Administration.

Chapter 17: Keeping Your System Secure.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Best Web Sites.

Chapter 19: Ten Key Security Features.

Chapter 20: Ten Great Free Add-Ons.


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