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Smart Homes For Dummies, 3rd Edition (1118051742) cover image

Smart Homes For Dummies, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-05174-0
432 pages
February 2011
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Introduction 1

Part I: Future-Perfect Homes 9

Chapter 1: Mi Casa, Cool Casa 11

Chapter 2: Zen and the Art of Whole-Home Networking 23

Chapter 3: Cool Stuff Home Networks Can Do 47

Chapter 4: Timelines and Budgets 63

Part II: Making Your Home an Entertainment Center 71

Chapter 5: Breaking the Entertainment Bottleneck — Without Breaking the Bank 73

Chapter 6: Getting Video Where You Want It 95

Chapter 7: Wiring a Video Network 109

Chapter 8: Bringing You Music 129

Chapter 9: Running Audio Here, There, and Everywhere 145

Part III: Now We're Communicating! 165

Chapter 10: Planning a Phone System 167

Chapter 11: : Making the Phone Connection 193

Part IV: Livin' Off the Fat of the LAN 203

Chapter 12: A Cornucopia of Computers 205

Chapter 13: All Roads Lead to the Net 223

Chapter 14: Designing a Data LAN 247

Chapter 15: Choosing the Parts for a Wired Data LAN 259

Chapter 16: Alternatives to a Wired Data LAN 273

Part V: Keeping the Bad Guys at Bay — Security 295

Chapter 17: Home Security Boot Camp 297

Chapter 18: Wiring a Security System 313

Part VI: Putting It All Together — Home Automation and Control 323

Chapter 19: Home Automation Extravaganza 325

Chapter 20: Making Home Automation a Reality 345

Part VII: The Part of Tens 365

Chapter 21: Ten Common Pitfalls When Building Your Smart Home 367

Chapter 22: Top Ten Toys of the Future 373

Index 383

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