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Small Business Finance All-in-One For Dummies (0470997869) cover image

Small Business Finance All-in-One For Dummies

Faith Glasgow (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-99786-4
680 pages
February 2012
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Book I: Setting Up and Setting Off.

Chapter 1: Preparing for Business.

Chapter 2: Structuring your Business.

Chapter 3: Testing Feasibility.

Chapter 4: Preparing the Business Plan.

Chapter 5: Finding the Money.

Chapter 6: Operating Effectively.

Chapter 7: Improving Performance.

Book II: Accounting Basics.

Chapter 1: Getting down to Bookkeeping Basics.

Chapter 2: Outlining your Financial Roadmap with a Chart of Accounts.

Chapter 3: Keeping a Paper Trail.

Chapter 4: Surveying Computer Options.

Chapter 5: Controlling Your Books, Your Records and Your Money.

Chapter 6: Tracking your Purchases, Counting Your Sales.

Book III: Reporting Results.

Chapter 1: Profit Mechanics.

Chapter 2: Developing a Balance Sheet.

Chapter 3: Cash Flows and the Cash Flow Statement.

Book IV: Managing the Finances.

Chapter 1: Managing Profit Performance.

Chapter 2: Forecasting and Budgeting.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Ownership Structure.

Chapter 4: Cost conundrums.

Chapter 5: Choosing Accounting Methods.

Chapter 6: Professional Auditors and Advisers.

Book V: Employing Staff.

Chapter 1: Working out the Wages.

Chapter 2: Employee Payroll and Benefits.

Chapter 3: Completing Year-End Payroll and Reports.

Chapter 4: Adding up the Bill for Time Off.

Chapter 5 Figuring Out Final Payments.

Chapter 6: Making Provision for Life After Work.

Book VI: Keeping on Top of Tax.

Chapter 1: Working for Yourself.

Chapter 2: Considering Your Company’s Status.

Chapter 3: Taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Chapter 4: Adding the Cost of VAT.


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