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Sleep Disorders For Dummies (0764539019) cover image

Sleep Disorders For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-3901-5
384 pages
May 2004
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Part I: I Couldn’t Sleep at All Last Night.

Chapter 1: Sleep, Blessed Sleep.

Chapter 2: Evaluating Your Sleep.

Chapter 3: What’s Up, Doc? Getting a Diagnosis.

Part II: Insomnia: The Most Famous Dyssomnia of Them All.

Chapter 4: I Can’t Sleep a Wink: Examining Insomnia.

Chapter 5: Dealing with Secondary Insomnia.

Chapter 6: Adopting a Sleep-Well Lifestyle.

Chapter 7: Adjusting Your Bedroom Environment for a Better Night’s Sleep.

Part III: Everything You Need to Know about Other Troubling Dyssomnias.

Chapter 8: Mixing Up Day for Night: Circadian Rhythm Disorders.

Chapter 9: There’s Snoring, and Then There’s Snoring: Dealing with Sleep Apnea.

Chapter 10: Falling Asleep Standing Up: Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia.

Part IV: Walking, Talking, and Other Parasomnias.

Chapter 11: While You Were Sleeping: Walking, Talking, and Other Strange Nighttime Activities.

Chapter 12: Night Terrors and Other Frightening or Unpleasant Sleep Problems.

Chapter 13: Living with a Parasomnia.

Chapter 14: Battling the Midnight Blues: Pediatric Sleep Disorders.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: The Top Ten Sleep Disrupters — And How to Deal with ’Em.

Chapter 16: Ten Signs That Your Bedmate Has a Sleep Disorder.

Chapter 17: Ten Tips to Help You Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary.

Appendix: Resources and Products.


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