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Singing Exercises For Dummies, with CD (111828108X) cover image

Singing Exercises For Dummies, with CD

ISBN: 978-1-118-28108-6
240 pages
July 2012
US $24.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book

Introduction 1

Part I: Preparing Your Body for Practicing 5

Chapter 1: Warming Up for Singing 7

Chapter 2: Practicing Breathing Exercises 17

Chapter 3: Shaping the Tongue and Lips for Vowels 31

Chapter 4: Articulating Consonants Accurately 45

Part II: Making Your Music Magical with Variety 61

Chapter 5: Singing Precise Intervals for Musical Accuracy 63

Chapter 6: You’ve Got Rhythm: Conquering Rhythmic Notation and Tempo 83

Chapter 7: Adding Diversity with Dynamics, Articulation Marks, and More 97

Part III: Working Out Your Range 107

Chapter 8: Checking Out Chest Voice 109

Chapter 9: Soaring into Head Voice and Falsetto 117

Chapter 10: Mixing Up Your Sound with Middle Voice 133

Chapter 11: Coordinating Register Transitions 147

Part IV: Advancing Your Singing Technique 159

Chapter 12: Developing Your Vocal Tone 161

Chapter 13: Expanding Your Vocal Agility 175

Chapter 14: Belting It Out with Exercises from Beginner to Advanced 191

Part V: The Part of Tens 209

Chapter 15: Ten Tips for Practicing Like a Pro 211

Chapter 16: Ten Questions Singers Ask Frequently 217

Appendix: About the CD 223

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