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Seagate Crystal Reports 7 For Dummies (0764505483) cover image

Seagate Crystal Reports 7 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0548-5
405 pages
May 1999
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PART I: What You Need to Know to Survive.

Chapter 1: Setting the Table.

Chapter 2: Creating a Simple Report.

Chapter 3: Crystal Reports: Basic Skills.

PART II: Manipulating Records.

Chapter 4: Selecting Records.

Chapter 5: Sorting and Grouping Records.

PART III: Formatting and Formulas for Success.

Chapter 6: Graphing and Mapping Data.

Chapter 7: Using the Crystal Formula Language.

Chapter 8: Using Conditional Formatting.

Chapter 9: Creating a Subreport.

PART IV: Putting On Some Finishing Touches.

Chapter 10: Formatting Sections of a Report.

Chapter 11: Creating Presentation-Quality Reports.

PART V: Creating Specific Types of Reports.

Chapter 12: Creating a Cross-Tab Report.

Chapter 13: Creating a Summary Report.

Chapter 14: Linking to Other Databases.

PART VI: Disseminating Reports without a Hitch.

Chapter 15: Distributing Reports.

Chapter 16: Setting Your File Options.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Create a Report.

Chapter 18: Ten Tricks to Enhance Reports.


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