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Scrivener For Dummies (1118312473) cover image

Scrivener For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-31247-6
402 pages
August 2012
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Introduction  1

Part I: Getting to Know Scrivener  7

Chapter 1: Getting Started in Scrivener 9

Chapter 2: Organizing Your Work with the Binder 21

Part II: Meeting the Inspector  43

Chapter 3: Working with the Synopsis 45

Chapter 4: Tracking Scene Elements with Metadata 51

Chapter 5: Working with Document Support Panes 67

Part III: Starting to Write  93

Chapter 6: Introducing the Editor: Where the Magic Happens 95

Chapter 7: Getting Rid of Distractions with Composition Mode 119

Chapter 8: Planning Your Project with the Corkboard 129

Chapter 9: Getting a High-Level View of Your Project with the Outliner 145

Chapter 10: Marking Up Your Text with Inline Annotations and Comments 159

Chapter 11: Citing Your Sources with Footnotes 171

Part IV: Getting Your Manuscript Out There  183

Chapter 12: Setting Up the Compile Options 185

Chapter 13: Exporting Your Project with Compile 227

Part V: Customizing Your Scrivener Experience  245

Chapter 14: Setting Word Count Goals and Checking Progress 247

Chapter 15: Saving Time with Custom Layouts and Project Templates 261

Chapter 16: Creating Useful Forms with Document Templates 277

Part VI: Getting the Most Out of Scrivener  285

Chapter 17: Searching High and Low 287

Chapter 18: Creating Collections for Quick Access to Related Files 305

Chapter 19: Saving Versions of Your Files with Snapshots 319

Chapter 20: Tracking Your Revisions 333

Chapter 21: Protecting Your Work with Automatic and Manual Backups 341

Part VII: The Part of Tens  349

Chapter 22: Ten Awesome Features That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else 351

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Get More Help 359

Index  363

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