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Same Sex Legal Kit For Dummies (1118435265) cover image

Same Sex Legal Kit For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-43526-7
384 pages
November 2012
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Introduction 1

Part I: How the Law Views Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships 7

Chapter 1: Being Aware of Same-Sex Legal Issues 9

Chapter 2: Living in a Same-Sex Marriage or Relationship 17

Chapter 3: Eyeing the Challenges that Same-Sex Couples and Their Children Face 37

Chapter 4: Facing Discrimination and Seeking Help 49

Part II: Everyday Law and Your Family 63

Chapter 5: Home Sweet Home: Living Together 65

Chapter 6: A Quick Lowdown on Joining Assets 89

Chapter 7: Creating a Family: Yours, Mine, and Ours 107

Chapter 8: Wading through Tax Issues for Unmarried Partners 131

Chapter 9: Living Together in Sickness and in Health 145

Chapter 10: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 171

Part III: Planning Ahead to Protect Your Loved Ones 185

Chapter 11: LGBT Estate Planning: Laying the Groundwork 187

Chapter 12: Last Will and Testament: Your Primary Estate Planning Document 201

Chapter 13: The Living Revocable Trust: The Keystone to Your Estate Plan 227

Chapter 14: Funding: Transferring Assets into Your Trust 251

Chapter 15: Passing Along Your Employment Benefits to Your Partner 265

Chapter 16: Dealing with the Personal Injury and Death of Your Partner 275

Part IV: Handling Other Relevant Issues 289

Chapter 17: Wading Through Immigration Issues 291

Chapter 18: After Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Living in the Military as LGB (not T) 303

Chapter 19: Becoming an Activist for LGBT Equality 317

Part V: The Part of Tens 327

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Keys to Dealing with Disgruntled Relatives 329

Chapter 21: Ten Ways the Law Harms the LGBT Community 335

Appendix A: About the CD 341

Index 347

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