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Robot Building For Dummies (0764540696) cover image

Robot Building For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4069-1
384 pages
October 2003
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Part I: Getting Started with Robotics.

Chapter 1: So, You Want to Build a Robot?

Chapter 2: Plotting a Path.

Chapter 3: Building Your First Robot.

Part II: Programmable Robot Prep.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Robot Workshop.

Chapter 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Robot Building.

Chapter 6: A Programming Primer.

Part III: Building a Programmable Robot.

Chapter 7: Preparing to Build a Programmable Robot.

Chapter 8: From Whiskers to Wheels.

Chapter 9: If I Only Had a Brain.

Chapter 10: Introducing Your Robot to Your Computer.

Part IV: Augmenting Your Programmable Robot.

Chapter 11: Expanding Your Robot’s Universe.

Chapter 12: Making Your Robot See the Light.

Chapter 13: Some Like It Hot.

Chapter 14: Halt! Who Goes There?

Chapter 15: Yakety-Yak: Adding Speech to Your Robot.

Chapter 16: I See You.

Chapter 17: Controlling Your Robot from Afar.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Excellent Parts Suppliers.

Chapter 19: Ten Safety Pointers.


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