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Robert's Rules For Dummies (0764575740) cover image

Robert's Rules For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7574-7
360 pages
December 2004
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.
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Bonus Chapter 1: Starting a new Association: The Steps to Success 223.01 KB Click to Download
Bonus Chapter 2: The Convention of Delegates: A Special Kind of Assembly 191.70 KB Click to Download
Bonus Chapter 3: Ten Custom Rules to Consider 120.13 KB Click to Download
Teller's Election Worksheet
In any election, it's important to track the nominees and the ballot totals and tallies. This teller's worksheet is designed as a nice, simple way to accumulate all the information you need to prepare a perfect Teller's Report. Of course, once you download the form, you can adapt it according to your own needs, but I personally find its current, simplified layout more than helpful.
21.50 KB Click to Download
Tellers' Reports for Motions

When your organization votes by ballot reporting the details is important for the record (and for preventing the occasional fist fight). Two forms on the Web site are designed to help you in that process. One form is for reporting the ballot counts in a vote on an election. The other form is for reporting the ballot counts in a vote on a motion. Both forms include the critical components for proper reporting of the following:

  • The number of votes cast

  • The number of votes required to elect (or adopt, as in the case of a motion)

  • The total votes cast for each candidate (or choice, as in the case of a motion)

  • The total number of illegal votes and a short description of each such vote

20.50 KB Click to Download
Tellers' Reports for Elections 21.50 KB Click to Download
Notice of Proposed Amendment to Bylaws
Here's the granddaddy of all the forms included on the Web site. Amending the bylaws is serious business, and this form is designed to show you how to prepare and give notice for proposed bylaw amendments, how to show the differences between current and proposed bylaws, when to go out for coffee (no, I'm kidding), and more. This is the prettiest form in the bunch, and you?re sure to find that it comes in very handy.
29.00 KB Click to Download
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