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Retail Business Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0470293306) cover image

Retail Business Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-29330-0
408 pages
September 2008
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: Testing the Retail Waters.

Chapter 1: Retailing: How It Really Works and How It Can Work for You.

Chapter 2: Defining Your Vision: It Starts with a Dream.

Chapter 3: Branding: Making Your Business Memorable.

Chapter 4: Get ting to Know Your Customers Before You Even Have Any.

Part II: Settin’ Up Shop.

Chapter 5: Location, Location, Location: Finding the Right Place to Do Business.

Chapter 6: Designing Stores That Work.

Chapter 7: Choosing Your Merchandise: What to Buy and Where to Find It.

Chapter 8: Get ting the Goods: Controlling Your Buying.

Part III: Detailing the Retailing.

Chapter 9: Creating the Business Plan and Structure.

Chapter 10: The F ine Print: Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s.

Chapter 11: Creating Your In ternal Systems: The Day-to-Day Stuff.

Chapter 12: Finding, Hiring, and Keeping a Great Staff.

Chapter 13: Money Matters: Accounting for Money Coming In and Going Out.

Part IV: Spreading the Word Without Going Broke!

Chapter 14: Generating Word-of-Mouth Advertising.

Chapter 15: Advertising Vehicles: What to Include in Your Arsenal.

Chapter 16: Signage: The Underutilized Killer Resource.

Chapter 17: Setting Up Successful Sales and Promotions.

Part V: Selling Made Simple.

Chapter 18: Selling the Soft, Suggestive Way.

Chapter 19: Visual Merchandising for the Artistically Deprived and Financially Handicapped.

Chapter 20: Selling Online: It’s an E-World.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Keys to Retailing Success.

Chapter 22: Ten Secrets of Extraordinary Customer Service.

Chapter 23: Ten Proven Management Practices.

Appendix: About the CD.


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