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Religion For Dummies (0764552643) cover image

Religion For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5264-9
428 pages
August 2002
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Part I: In the Beginning: Religion Basics.

Chapter 1: Holy Smoke! Defining Religion.

Chapter 2: Four Big Mysteries and a Couple of Recent Conundrums.

Chapter 3: The God Questions: Does He Exist and What's He Like?

Chapter 4: When Good Religions Go Bad.

Part II: Religious Beliefs.

Chapter 5: The Foundations of Faith.

Chapter 6: The Amazing Variety of Spiritual Beings.

Part III: Religious Rituals.

Chapter 7: Rituals of Communal Worship.

Chapter 8: Rituals of Individual Devotion.

Chapter 9: Holy Days in Our Lives: Rites of Passage.

Part IV: Religious Ethics.

Chapter 10: Personal Virtues.

Chapter 11: Public Virtues.

Chapter 12: Religion and Some Really Hot Ethical Issues.

Part V: All (Other) Things Holy.

Chapter 13: Holy Books.

Chapter 14: Holy People.

Chapter 15: Holy Places.

Chapter 16: Holy Houses.

Chapter 17: Holy Days on the Calendar.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (or so) Jobs for the Devoted.

Chapter 19: Ten Tales for Your Reading Enjoyment.

Appendix: A Few Religions of the World.


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