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Reiki For Dummies (0764599070) cover image

Reiki For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-9907-1
360 pages
November 2005
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Part I: Discovering Reiki.

Chapter 1: Reiki: The Art of Channeling Life-Force Energy.

Chapter 2: Navigating Your Body’s Subtle Energy Systems.

Chapter 3: Exploring Reiki’s Roots and Branches.

Chapter 4: Looking at the Reiki Principles.

Part II: Experiencing Reiki for Yourself.

Chapter 5: Getting the Reiki Treatment.

Chapter 6: Letting Your Entire Family Experience Reiki.

Part III: Becoming Well-Versed in Reiki.

Chapter 7: Seeking Reiki Training and Classes.

Chapter 8: Discovering the Reiki Symbols.

Chapter 9: Getting Ready to Channel Reiki Energy.

Chapter 10: Healing Others with Reiki Positions and Techniques.

Chapter 11: Applying Reiki to Yourself.

Chapter 12: Reiki Rocks! Using Crystals with Reiki.

Part IV: Sharing Reiki with Others.

Chapter 13: Putting Together a Reiki Healing Session.

Chapter 14: Experiencing Reiki in a Group.

Chapter 15: Sending Reiki Where Needed.

Chapter 16: Combining Reiki with Other Health Practices.

Chapter 17: Becoming a Professional Reiki Healer.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Uses for Reiki in Everyday Situations.

Chapter 19: Ten Uses for Reiki as a Tool for Personal Growth.

Chapter 20: Ten Common Myths about Reiki.

Chapter 21: Ten Non-traditional Reiki Symbols.

Appendix: Great Reiki Resources.



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