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Real Estate License Exams For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118572831) cover image

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-57283-2
432 pages
July 2013
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Other Available Formats: E-book
Introduction 1

Part I: Putting Real Estate License Exams into Perspective 5

Chapter 1: Sold! Taking a Glance at Real Estate License Exams 7

Chapter 2: Using Successful Study and Test-Taking Techniques 15

Part II: So You Want to Sell Real Estate: The Job and Basic Laws 23

Chapter 3: The Job: It Isn’t Just Driving People Around 25

Chapter 4: Understanding Agency Law 43

Chapter 5: Knowing the Fair Housing Laws for Selling Real Estate 63

Part III: It’s All Mine: Owning and Transferring Real Estate 77

Chapter 6: Owning It: Estates and Interests 79

Chapter 7: Understanding Forms of Real Estate Ownership 89

Chapter 8: Knowing the Limitations on Real Estate Ownership 99

Chapter 9: Transferring Ownership: Deeds and Title Closing 117

Chapter 10: Giving Up or Losing Property 139

Part IV: A House Is Made of Lots of Paper: Legal and Physical Issues 147

Chapter 11: Contracts 101 149

Chapter 12: Leasing Property 163

Chapter 13: Dealing with Environmental Government Regulations and Issues 173

Part V: You Want How Much? Valuation and Financing of Real Estate 185

Chapter 14: Appraising Property 187

Chapter 15: Finding the Money: Mortgages 211

Chapter 16: It’s So Taxing: Real Estate Assessment and Taxes 237

Chapter 17: Investing in Real Estate 251

Chapter 18: All in the Numbers: Real Estate Mathematics 269

Part VI: You’re Ready to Pick Up Your Pencil: Taking Practice Exams 293

Chapter 19: Practice Exam One 295

Chapter 20: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam One 307

Chapter 21: Practice Exam Two 317

Chapter 22: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Two 329

Chapter 23: Practice Exam Three 339

Chapter 24: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Three 351

Chapter 25: Practice Exam Four 363

Chapter 26: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Four 375

Part VII: The Part of Tens 387

Chapter 27: Ten Things to Find Out From Your State’s Real Estate Law 389

Chapter 28: Ten Tips to Help You Succeed on the Exam 395

Index 401

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