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Raising Smart Kids For Dummies (1118068688) cover image

Raising Smart Kids For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06868-7
360 pages
April 2011
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Part I: Getting Off to a Good Start.

Chapter 1: Defining Smarts.

Chapter 2: Realizing That You Can Raise a Brain.

Chapter 3: Disciplining in a Positive Way.

Chapter 4: Growing Smarter Minds from Healthier Bodies.

Part II: The Early Years: Birth to Kindergarten.

Chapter 5: Before Your Baby Is Born.

Chapter 6: Energizing Your Baby through the Senses.

Chapter 7: Pumping Up Your Smart Toddler/Preschooler.

Chapter 8: Setting Boundaries That Matter.

Chapter 9: You're Not Alone! Finding Help and Support.

Chapter 10: Preparing for Big-Kid School.

Part III: The Eager-to-Learn Years: Elementary School.

Chapter 11: Nurturing Your Smart Student at Home.

Chapter 12: Monitoring Media.

Chapter 13: Launching Lifelong Study Habits.

Chapter 14: Connecting with School.

Chapter 15: Developing Smarts for Success Outside of School.

Chapter 16: Deciding to Switch Learning Situations.

Part IV: The Know-It-All Years: Middle School and High School.

Chapter 17: Working wirh the Teenage Psyche.

Chapter 18: Eliminating Brain Drain.

Chapter 19: Thinking Beyond High School.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Family Characteristics That Nurture Smart Kids.

Chapter 21: Ten Popular Reads from Preschool to Teen Years.

Chapter 22: Ten Resources That Bolster Parent Confidence.


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