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RFID For Dummies (076457910X) cover image

RFID For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7910-3
408 pages
April 2005
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Part I: Now That You Can Spell RFID, Here’s the Rest of the Story.

Chapter 1: Taking the Mystery out of RFID.

Chapter 2: Auto-ID Technologies: Why RFID Is King of the Hill.

Chapter 3: Making Basic Decisions about Your RFID System.

Part II: Ride the Electromagnetic Wave: The Physics of RFID.

Chapter 4: What Makes Up an RFID Network.

Chapter 5: Understanding How Technology Becomes a Working System.

Chapter 6: Seeing Different RFID Systems at Work.

Part III: Fitting an RFID Application into Your World.

Chapter 7: Seeing the Invisible: The Site Assessment.

Chapter 8: Testing One, Two, Three: Developing Your Own Lab.

Chapter 9: Tag, You’re It: Testing for Best Tag Design and Placement.

Chapter 10: Hooked on Phonics: Reader Testing, Selection, and Installation.

Chapter 11: Middle Where? It’s Not Just about the Readers.

Part IV: Raising the Beams for Your Network.

Chapter 12: From Pilot to Admiral: Deploying RFID Successfully.

Chapter 13: Getting Set to Administer and Maintain Your System.

Chapter 14: Ping-pong, the Tags Are Gone: How to Monitor Your RFID Network.

Part V: How to Speak Bean Counter.

Chapter 15: Making the Business Case.

Chapter 16: Fitting RFID into Strategic Plans.

Chapter 17: What to Look for When Considering Outsourcing.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Equipment Vendors.

Chapter 19: Ten Web Sites for Information on RFID.

Chapter 20: Ten Tips from the Experts.

Chapter 21: Ten (Or So) RFID Standards and Protocols.

Appendix: Glossary of Electrical, Magnetic, and Other Scientific Terms.


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