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QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies (1118356411) cover image

QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-35641-8
408 pages
November 2012
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190 Void Transaction Command
I describe how you void a transaction and say (basically) just choose the Void Transaction command. Here's the rub, though, if you do this: QuickBooks may ask you if you want to add journal entries to make sure that the transaction affects the current accounting period and not the earlier period. For example, let's say you use years as your accounting periods and that you're voiding a transaction in December of last year. In this case, QuickBooks will helpfully offer to enter some journal entries that lets you void the original "bad" transaction but that in effect records the change not in last year's numbers but in this year's numbers. You'll want to take QuickBooks up on this offer if you don't a previous year's numbers changing (say because you?ve closed the books on the previous year.)
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