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QuickBooks 2008 For Dummies (0470184701) cover image

QuickBooks 2008 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-18470-7
408 pages
November 2007
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Other Available Formats: E-book
Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, MBA (finance), MS (taxation), has a simple purpose in life: He wants to help you (and people like you) manage your business finances by using computers. Oh, sure, this personal mandate won’t win him a Nobel Prize or anything, but it’s his own little contribution to the world.
Steve’s experiences mesh nicely with his special purpose. He’s a CPA in Redmond, Washington. He’s an adjunct professor of taxation (S corporations and limited liability companies) at Golden Gate University graduate tax school. And, heck, he even used to work as a senior consultant and CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co. (er, yeah, that Arthur Andersen — but, hey, it was 20 years ago). Steve, whose books have sold more than 4 million copies in English and have been translated into 11 other languages, is also the bestselling author of Quicken 2008 For Dummies (Wiley).
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