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Project Management For Dummies, UK Edition (0470711191) cover image

Project Management For Dummies, UK Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-71119-4
384 pages
February 2012
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Part I: Understanding Projects and What You Want to Achieve.

Chapter 1:Project Management: The Key to Achieving Results.

Chapter 2: Thinking Through the Life of Your Project.

Chapter 3: Defining the Project and Producing a Business Case.

Chapter 4: Knowing Your Project’s Stakeholders.

Part II: Building the Plans.

Chapter 5: Planning with Deliverables First.

Chapter 6: You Want This Project Done When?

Chapter 7: Looking At Staf f Resources.

Chapter 8: Planning for Other Resources and Developing the Budget.

Chapter 9: Planning at Different Times and Levels.

Chapter 10: Venturing into the Unknown: Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty.

Part III: Putting Your Management Team Together.

Chapter 11: Organising the Project.

Chapter 12: Working With Teams and Specialists.

Chapter 13: Being an Ef fective Leader.

Part IV: Steering the Project to Success.

Chapter 14: Tracking Progress and Staying in Control.

Chapter 15: Keeping Everyone Informed.

Chapter 16: Bringing Your Project to Closure.

Part V: Taking Your Project Management to the Next Level.

Chapter 17: Managing Multiple Projects.

Chapter 18: Using Technology to Up Your Game.

Chapter 19: Monitoring Project Performance with Earned Value Management.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Questions to Ask Yourself as You Plan Your Project.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Writing a Convincing Business Case.

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Being a Better Project Manager.


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