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Project 2010 Bible (0470877774) cover image

Project 2010 Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-87777-7
960 pages
June 2010
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Part I: Project Management Basics.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Projects.

Chapter 2: Exploring the Microsoft Project Environment.

Part II: Getting Your Project Going.

Chapter 3: Creating a New Project.

Chapter 4: Building Tasks.

Chapter 5: Creating Resources and Assigning Costs.

Part III: Getting Information about Projects.

Chapter 6: Understanding the Basics of Views.

Chapter 7: Using Views to Gain Perspective.

Chapter 8: Modifying the Appearance of Your Project.

Chapter 9: Reporting on Progress.

Part IV: Refining Your Project.

Chapter 10: Resolving Scheduling Problems.

Chapter 11: Resolving Resource Problems.

Part V: Tracking Your Progress.

Chapter 12: Understanding Tracking.

Chapter 13: Recording Actuals.

Chapter 14: Ways to Review Progress.

Chapter 15: Analyzing Financial Progress.

Part VI: Advanced Microsoft Project.

Chapter 16: Customizing Microsoft Project.

Chapter 17: Using Macros to Speed Your Work.

Chapter 18: Importing and Exporting Project Information.

Part VII: Working in Groups.

Chapter 19: Coordinating Multiple Projects Outside Project Server.

Chapter 20: Preparing to Use Project Server.

Chapter 21: Project Server and the Administrator.

Chapter 22: Project Server and the Project Manager.

Chapter 23: Project Server and the Day-to-Day User.

Chapter 24: Project Server and the Executive.

Part VIII: Appendices.

Appendix A: What’s on the Web Site.

Appendix B: Project Management Worksheet.

Appendix C: Available Fields and Functions for Custom Field Formulas.

Appendix D: Project Management Resources.

Appendix E: Glossary.


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